strategic service designer
& user-centred design facilitator

Design thinking

Service-minded, human/user-centred design advocate, I choose the most valuable method to secure the best outcome and achieve a lasting impact.

Constantly learning to hone my skills, to broaden my knowledge, I seek to practice, read, collaborate to connect the dots of Service Design Thinking.

Build common ground

To build consensus about the problem space and research objectives, I adopt a holistic approach and align the project stakeholders on business goals and success criteria, I collaborate with developers to clarify the technical context.

Observe & map

Build empathy to relate to the user's problems or painpoints. Elaborate a User research plan, carry out interviews to gather qualitative and quantitative data. Frame the service landscape with user journeys, blueprints, and analyse the results.

Define: How Might We...

Multi-disciplinary teams are subjected to complexity and inconsistency, I define an optimistic statement to empower each team member with a clear mission: how might we help our users achieve their desired goal so that the service outcome is viable and feasible.

Ideate, co-create the "to be" future state

Develop opportunities into solutions using research insights, experience principles, personas as prompts for a structured ideas generation workshop. Then evaluate and rank ideas based on value and feasibility. Envision and tell a human-centred story.

Validate & refine solutions

Get out of the building and ask for another set of find flaws or omissions. To validate, test usability in a formal lab or "guerrilla" style will yield a better interaction, a more valuable experience for the users of the service.

Deliver & support

Minimal Viable Service?
I prefer a "Minimum Lovable Service!" Iterated, validated and launched. The roadmap lays out how the real-life mechanics are articulated over time to make up the future experience. A culture of design thinking and ownership transitions the project to the BAU support team.

Gaetan has created a 'customer-first' mindset to user experience that ensures all conversations start with "How do we create more value for our clients". As our company continues to grow, Gaetan has played a key role in further enabling that growth by challenging our thinking and helping to refresh our planning, design process and execution.

Jonathan Corrie CEO & Co-Founder, Precursive

Gaetan is a fast learner and self starter. He has transformed the approach of the dev teams to move to user centric design thinking through a combination of education workshops and determination. He always looks for opportunities for improvement through either process or tools

Adrian Smalley Consumer Goods Enterprise Architect at Salesforce

Design doing

Collaborative, solution & result driven, the impact I have is my ultimate reward.

Pragmatic and flexible, I pursue innovative and collaborative challenges to design the interactions of customer with the brand or service, the staff and all that is required to support them.
I have been fortunate to travel, live and work, share a large variety of the world cultures. I have worked in businesses small and large, in industries ranging from tourism, software development to large Media Publishing Group, from Corporate to Government.
Here is the evolving palette of my hands-on work and personal skills.

Team member 1

Service Design Definition of design principles session blending analog post-it and shared live digital board.

From analysing the end-to-end blueprint to addressing a specific painpoint, I orchestrate practical and tangible design solutions to deliver an improved service.

Team member 2

Workshop facilitation A Government Policy review consultation engaged industry members in structured feedback.

User-Centred Design workshops are a great opportunity to generate empathy and build consensus with activities aimed at inspiring new ideas or drive creative output.

user research, interviews, surveys, experience journey map

User Research Early prototype testing can happen in corridors or marketplaces, for 5 seconds or 50 minutes.

As a trained journalist, I appreciate that interviewing is an art. Meaningful and relevant questions are fundamental for ethnographic research, usability testing.

Team member 2

UX Design Designing the flow of the Happy Path, while considering the disgruntled retry after failure.

Debate aside, UX tends to concentrate on improving digital interactions on a specific touchpoint. Make each pixel count and use white space to let them breathe.

Team member 2

Design Sprint To rally a wider audience around a larger problem, for a few days or a full week, in-house or remotely.

Co-creation needs to be given the space, time and stage it deserves. Direct collaboration with service/product actors yields unexpected insights and solutions.

Team member 2

Maker - Bricoleur IoT Internet of Things, vision & sound, Raspberry Pi and co-operative videogame aficionado.

Coding from template, soldering and building from scratch stretch my DIY skills and are handy to make design tangible, to prototype, test and implement ideas.

Team member 2

Digital Imaging & Asset Management Pixels & metadata. Digital files are just a bunch of meaningless bits without an envelope of rich data.

Google has changed our filing habits, pretty much destroyed them. The challenge of media libraries is the time it takes to create and ingest quality metadata for captioning and rights management.

Team member 2

Culture & the Art of Project Closure Workplace wellbeing and how to celebrate mislestones, project reset or hand-over.

Workplace culture can be reduced by the lowest behaviour the boss tolerates... So I look from the outside in, foster conversations around values of inclusiveness and integrity. Project gets wrapped up with Alternative Awards Ceremony or storytelling.

Very good facilitator- thank you!
Very positive experience. Enjoyed the methodology and the approach...much better than having PowerPoint!!
Everyone has a say of their ideas – inclusive method.
Completely different type of workshop – it was interesting to approach things in a different way
Good exercises that enabled thoughts to be put down and expanded upon.

User-centred workshop attendees London, Belfast, Birmingham, Llandrindod, Edinburgh and York.

Gaetan... joining the team had a fantastic impact on changing our culture of design to a more user-centered approach. He involved the whole team into the process and showed amazing tools which helped us to improve the visibility of our work. Thanks to Gaetan I started to expand my UX skills!

Katarzyna Karska VP Product, Precursive

Gaetan has proven to be highly adaptable, approaching problems head-on in a process driven way. In ambiguous situations, he provides the structure in which his teammates can flourish. His passion for design is infectious and improves the work of everyone around him, he’s a great addition to any team!

Elaine Van Customer Success, Precursive

Let's have a conversation

about Service Design Thinking & Doing, human-centred design projects and workshops.

To have a positive impact on people's life and grow a cohesive business, to not only embed new technology but also new ways of approaching problem and creative solution have been/are/continue to be my personal ambitions and professional rewards.

My main tool is questioning. Questions to identify opportunities, reveal underlying needs, and understand human behaviour in user context.
To embed lasting change, there's no recipe book. To make it stick and scale, organisations have to embrace a new mindset: customer and staff centric, a new balancing act!

Most of my efforts focus on steps to develop a shared vision and generate opportunities for co-creation.

There is plenty to talk about...

Team member 2

My career blueprint A personal journey into making life easier for staff & customers.

View and download my career blueprint PDF.
Team member 2

CV/resume overview A more traditional presentation of key milestones in my career so far.

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